Tuesday, August 20, 2013

7 Month Mark!

Friends and Family!

Wow the good weeks just keep coming. I am telling you a reset button is key. Getting stuck in a rut and a routine that isn't bad but not very successful is no beuno. This week like last week was filled with a lot of miracles. It is amazing the blessings that are all around us all the time that we don't take the time to notice or be grateful for. Just like we need to recognize the promptings and witness of the Spirit we also need to recognize the Lords hand in our lives. Sometimes these miracles aren't grand but a small sign that Heavenly Father is aware of us. I love the quote by one of the apostles that states that "a lot of times answers to our prayers come through someone else". It is so true. People are placed in our lives just when we need them. And on the flip side, we are placed in other peoples lives just when they need us. We just have to follow through on impressions we receive from the Holy Ghost.

We met with M this week and he is progressing well. We followed up on our last lesson where we taught the restoration with focus on the priesthood. We asked him to pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He said he had been praying to know the truth and to be guided. We were able to teach him the importance of praying specifically to know if the things we were teaching him were true and promised him that the Lord would answer him with a specific and personal answer. We asked if he would offer the closing prayer. He accepted as usual. He then asked if he could sing...what do you say to that? I looked at my companions and we all were at a loss. Finally, I just said "okay". Woah was that a weird prayer. At the beginning it was hard to take things seriously and keep from giggling but the sincerity was there. As he began to ask about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon the Spirit was present. He was in a hurry so after he closed we didn't have a lot of time to ask him how he was feeling. We have a few things we need to work on but M is great. His intentions are all good. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers. Even weird song prayers. Our next plan of attack is to help him take the time not only to ask but to listen and ponder. I think sometimes the act of praying the way that he does distracts him from the witness the holy Ghost might be giving to him.

We had the opportunity to meet with G this week. We went over the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. G has twin daughters that are 4 years old. We don't know a lot of the background story with the father. What we do know is that they were never married, he's not in the picture, and it doesn't sound like he was a very nice guy. Anyways, we thought that the law of chastity might be hard for her and turns out we were right. But Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. As we shared the importance of staying clean and saving ourselves for after marriage she began to cry. Instantly we knew that there was still a lot of guilt from some of her past decisions. The lesson turned into this beautiful conversation about the atonement and forgiveness. She felt that the law of chastity didn't apply to her anymore and we taught her it was just the opposite. Heavenly Father is a God of mercy and new beginnings. He wants us to change and be better. We talked about how forgiving ourselves is sometimes the hardest part. We encouraged her to study the atonement so she could understand it better. G is incredible. The changes she is making, the dedication that she has, the faith she has put in the Lord is an inspiration to me. She is one of those people that I know I was meant to meet. She has changed my life. Baptisms are amazing but seeing someone that strayed return to the gospel is just as sweet and miraculous.

Leave it to me to run out of time. These are just the beginning of the amazing miracles and expereinces I have had this week. I wish I could share the rest with you. I will throw them in next week if I have time! Sorry to cut this eamil short. Bottom line, miracles are everywhere we just have to look for them. I will be sure to do my weekly email first next week. I have just been behind on personal emails and didn't want to go another week without responding!

Anyways, the church is true! :) I miss you all. Have a fabulous week!

With all my love,

Sister Kimball 

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