Monday, June 23, 2014

Well...this is it!

Aloha for the last time....
So the tears have begun. Emotions are high. I am going to keep this short and simple.
The last week of your mission is a reflection period. You think back to life before you even left and then all that has happened to this current point. For me I had the realization that a mission was the last thing in the world that I wanted to do. It was never part of my plans and I didn't want it to be. I was on an exchange with one of my best mission friends and as we sat there with tears in my eyes I looked at her and said, "What if we had chosen not to serve missions? What if we had never met?" There are so many people that I could stop and have that conversation with and ask those questions to. There are so many reasons that I needed to serve a mission. Majority of them being selfish. I have been transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ into the kind of person that I have always longed to be. I am still so far from perfect but I have learned how to overcome the natural man. I have an entirely different view on the world and that is thanks to a deeper understanding of the plan of salvation. There is no such thing as coinsidence. I know that I hve been changed for good.
As i shared my testimony in District Meeting and church for the last times I was filled with the Spirit of the Lord and I talked about things that I hadn't even realized I have learned. I was overcome with emotion as I realized once and for all how blessed I have been because of my service to the Lord, my Savior for the past 18 months. You get to a point where you want to repay Him, by working harder but then your time is up. Luckily, I have the rest of my life to live in a way that shows my Heavenly Father how much I appreciate Him and all He does for me.
At the conclusion of my departing interview with my mission president I asked for a priesthood blessing. As president Orgill placed his hands on my head I immediately knew that the words I was about to hear were from my Father in Heaven. Turns out that my mission was a preparation for the rest of my life. The blessing sounded similar to that of a setting apart. I really did view it as a setting apart to never forget the things that I have learned. A setting apart to remember how to stay on the straight and narrow path and help others to do the same.
Although, the emotions are high and it doesn't quite feel like my time to go I am at peace. I know that I have served well. I know that the work I have done is eternal. I know that it matters more than anything else. I know that this was the best way i could have spent the last 18 months. I know that everything happens for a reason. I was meant to start in Anaheim and end in Irvine. My entire mission was made for me. I know that for a fact. It wasn't easy. It was actually the hardest thing I have ever done. But it taught me that I am capable of a lot more than I thought. I now know that I can make it through ANYTHING with the help of the Lord.
This gospel is perfect. It changes lives. It was restored by a prophet of God. The priesthood has the power to heal. The work done in the temple binds heaven and earth. Families can be together forever. Thank goodness.
I just want to thank all of you all one last time for your prayers and support. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. It is sometimes what kept me out here. The Lord is mindful of us all.
Have a wondefrul week! I will talk to many of you soon!
I love you all!
For the last time...
Sister Kimball

Monday, June 16, 2014

I have come to realize that part of coming to the end of your mission means you are asked to bear your testimony ALL the time and you randomly get emotional at weird times. But shockingly I have made it through each testimony without crying. How do you explain that one?
My testimony of bearing testimony has been strengthened this week. I know that as I reflect back on my mission and all of the people I have met and experiences I have had I see the hand of the Lord in my life. I know how inspired each companion I have served in has been. Each was to bless my life and help me grow. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us.
I had my first official break down last night. I was praying and just started opening up to my Heavenly Father. I shared with Him how much my mission means to me. I shared with Him how scared I am to go home. I shared with Him how hard it is going to be to say goodbye. In the midst of all those emotions I was overcome with a feeling of peace and calm. Although, I still experience those emotions somewhat regularly these days I know that everything will work out.
The things that matter most are the relationships I have made. I am excited to teach my investigators for the last few times and to bear a bold testimony to each of them that in order to receive all the blessings they desire they must take a leap of faith and be baptized. I want them to know that I have a sure testimony of the things that I have taught them and the things that they will continue to be taught!
I have made so many amazing friendships. There are so many missionaries that I look to as family. I have created bonds with people that are far beyond my mission.
It truly has been the best 18 months for my life and I can't wait to finish strong in these last 10 days. I still have time to experience so many more miracles. They happen each and every day.
I hope you all have a great week! Pay attention to the little things!
I love you all!
Sister Kimball :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Aloha Friends and Family!
I don't even know where to begin. I am just overwhelmed with the spirit and have a lot of gratitude in my heart for the blessings that Heavenly Father has given me. As I have thought lately of all the different choices that life brings I am still humbled by the fact that I made it out on a mission despite my pride. A mission was never in my original plans. A mission wasn't for me. I could do without a mission. I had my life pretty figured out. I thought I was on a pretty good path. And to be honest it wasn't a bad one. But Hevenly Father had a much better path prepared and planned for me. And now today two weeks from ending this amazing journey I can say without a doubt that a mission, my mission, was definitely for me. I have learned so many things. I have experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows. I have met eternal friends. I have become an immovable representative of my Savior Jesus Christ. I have learned a lot about myself. My weaknesses. My strengths. I have been converted through the power of the atonement. There have been countless experiences that help me recognize just how inspired my mission has been. I know I came when and where I did for a very significant and true purpose. I know that these past 18 months have prepared me for the rest of my life. I have tasted a piece of the celestial kingdom and I want others to taste it too. This is just the beginning. I want to and will work my hardest to one day receive that complete joy in the presence of my Father and Brother. And I will help others do the same. Life is full of twists and turns but as we hold to the iron rod and keep the commandments we will be blessed.
I know that my purpose is to lift the faith of all of those around me. Be a friend. Smile. Serve. Help others recognize their potential. I have been thinking a lot about what I want the last 2 weeks of my mission to look like. It of course is unpredictable but I know that I want it to be filled with those that I have come to love. I know that I want to bear my testimony every chance I get. I know I want to leave a mark of love and friendship. Time is one of the most valuable resources we have. My time is running out but I know that the effect I can have is still great. I want to make sure that I finish strong.
I often wondered why the first and second great commandments were to love God and then to love our everyone else as ourselves. I have reflected on this a lot. I know that it is hard for me to love certain people. The Savior is perfect. He is always there to help and uplift us. He is so easy to love. And that is why it is the first commandment to love Him, so we can practice the love we have for Him which comes naturally, on others. I know that when I have prayed for charity my heart is filled with the christlike love I have for those that it is easy for me to love. This feeling doesn't always come right away and it is very closely linked with my desire. I know that all the attributes of Christ come when we work for them. And when we put in the effort the joy that comes is unlike anything else.
I know that God has a plan for each of us. I know that no matter where we are we can always draw closer to Him and find more joy. I am scared to come home and leave my mission family behind but I truly know it is not an ending but just a beginning. Attitude is everything. Heavenly Father is real. He hears and answers prayers.
I hope you all have a wonderful week! Listen to the promptings of the still small voice!
I love you all!
:) Sister Kimball

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Quick update on my investigators and that is all you are getting this week. I have a lot of good stuff to report next week!
Our area is doing wonderfully. Missionary work is really taking off for us.
We have Nikki who has a baptismal date in August and is progressing very well. She loves our visits. Loves church. She is reading the Book of Mormon on her own as well as with us. She has amazing questions. Her member boyfriend who introduced her to the church will be in town this next week and we are anxious and excited to meet him. She is right on track.

Natalie has taken a few steps back but it is for the best. She had a baptismal date for this Friday but she has a job right now that keeps her from coming to church. She felt like being baptized was too big of a step when she is unable to commit to coming to church right now. She takes all of this very seriously. So right now we have shifted our focus to trying to help her find a new job which she is very open about so that she can come to church. She is scared of the commitment. She just wants to make sure that she is doing the right thing. We have been focusing a lot on faith, prayer, and the guidance of the holy ghost. Slowly she is becoming more comfortable. In one of our most recent lessons with her we talked about our role as her helpers and how we will love her no matter what. We felt that she needed the feeling of pressure to be completely removed. Especially, since her member friend that lives in Northern California has been pushing it a little. So we are taking a few steps back together and reevaluating how to get her to her ultimate goal of baptism when it feels right.

We picked up Jessica from the Laguna Beach elders. She is a Chinese girl here as a nanny for a family. She has been meeting with a bunch of different missionaries over the past 5ish months and has expressed that she likes the singles ward the best because there are people her age. She is 25. We are excited to be working more closely. I was actually serving in Laguna Beach when she was found and met her a couple times at church. She has been the last couple of times and is slowly getting integrated into the ward. It is exciting to watch.

Life is so good. I love the work. I love my ward. I love my companion. I love my mission.
I hope you will all pray for missionary opportunities this week or for those returned missionaries out there, reflect on your missions and the lessons you learned.
The Lord is waiting to bless us.
I love you all!
Have the most spledid week!
:) Sister Kimball

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

29 Days

It is officially June gloom weather. It is overcast most of the time. The nice thing is it is still warm but you don't have the sun beating down on you. I am hoping that I am still able to get a little color through the clouds. It would be embarrassing to come home from Southern California pasty white. I am sure I will have some horrific tan lines to figure out #missionaryproblems. 
Anyway, it has been a terrific week. The learning never ceases. 
I have been thinking about my mission a lot this week. I was thinking about all of the mistakes I have made. I was thinking about all of the miracles I have witnessed or been a part of. I was thinking of all the amazing people I have met and created lifetime relationships with. I was thinking of the good times. The bad times. The funny times. The spiritual times. And everything else in between. But in the end all the natural man in me really focused on was all of the missed opportunities. All the things I could have done better. When the clock is ticking it makes you second guess things and wonder if you really are "returning with honor". Like countless times before the Lord opened my eyes and helped me to see all of the good I have done. He blessed me with multiple tender mercies. Many of them small but of great worth and significance to me. 
I would like to share a couple of those experiences with you:
1.There is nothing quite like someone complimenting you. Especially when you are feeling a little down in the dumps. I think that most of us get a little uncomfortable or awkward when they are being paid a compliment. I know I do. But the feeling of joy that accompanies it is so great. My companion Sister Wilkerson and I don't always get along. But we love each other. We are both strong willed and stubborn. But we are also willing to point out a strength when we see it. As we got back into the car after a lesson she just sat there for a minute and then said, "You know what? You are an amazing teacher. You just connect with people on such a genuine level. You are real. You don't fake it. You teach them what they need. You listen not only to the Spirit but to them. You have a gift for teaching and connecting with people." I am getting emotional as I type this up. What an amazing compliment that I am not sure I deserve. But it came right when I needed it. Right when I was feeling like I wasn't making a difference. I am the biggest believer in Spencer W. Kimball's idea that many times the Lord answers our prayers through other people. That was very true in this instance. 
2. There has been a lot of stress in the mission. There are a lot of people in SoCal. There are so many opportunities to baptize. But the work is hard. Not everyone is interested. We have a lot of missionaries with extra needs. But there are still Standards of Excellence (goals produced by the mission president and assistants) to uphold and pressure to bring people into the waters of baptism. Sister Wilkerson and I were out walking around a nature park right across from our church building on Sunday before church talking to people. No one was interested. Everyone was busy biking or hiking. We felt kind of useless. We found a boulder in the shade and went and sat down on it. We sat there in silence for a good 15 minutes just thinking. Then out of no where the 1st counselor in our mission presidency, President Ellis shows up. I have worked pretty closely with him and grown to love and admire him a lot. He told us what an awesome idea it was for us to be sitting out in the park. He went on to talk about how there is a lot of stress in the mission because our measure of success is skewed. When Elder Anderson was here he talked about the importance of lifting the faith of those around us. He talked about how we never know what influence we are going to have on people. A lot of times a simple hello or acknowledging that someone is there goes a long way. P. Ellis told us how we are being missionaries when we are just out and about wearing our namtags loud and proud. We will never know the impact we will have on someone's life. Often times we freak out thinking if we don't talk about the church right away the opportunity is lost. But maybe all that person needs is someone to talk to. Isn't that true for all of us? In many ways we want instantanious results. We want a baptismal committment within 10 minutes of talking to someone. We challenge the will of the Lord with our personal wants. The Lord will do his work on His timetable. We are asked to invite, to love, to lift faith. If we are doing those things the Lord will bring the miracles and he will guide His children to us or us to them when the time is right. We need to stop trying to do it our way and do it His way. It was a blessing from heaven that day to talk to P. Ellis. He put a lot of things into perspective. And while we were sitting there feeling lame, he complimented us for being out and allowing others to see us. It all has to do with out motives and perspective. Sometimes the little things are the things that have the most impact.
3. Sister Wilkerson and I were talking about pride. So often we allow Satan to get into our heads and distract us from what is right in front of us. This has definitely been true for me many times in my life and specicially with all the negative thoughts about my mission. Along with that there have been fears of going home. Worry of what it will be like. Will all of the things I have planned for myself work out. And so on. What we realized is that all of these thoughts are selfish. We came to the conclusion that the past doesn't matter because of the Atonement. Every day we can repent and have a fresh start. The future is out of our control and when we worry about it we forfeit our faith. We get so caught up in thinking about the past and the future that we miss the present. Now is the time to learn and grow. All the yesterdays are turning us into the person that our Heavenly Father wants us to be in the eterneties. There are always things that we can do better and that is what the tomorrows are for. When we fear things our trust disappears. I have realized that fear is natural. So it is kind of dumb to say "I am going to overcome fear all together." Instead the frame of mind should be I want to develop the natural response of turning to the Savior any time I feel that fear. We can improve how quickly we do that. It is something I have been working on my whole mission. I am still far from perfect but I have made a lot of progress and the best part of all is I am a lot happier. We don't know everything. But God does. Trust in Him and have hope that it will all work out in our favor. Beacuse with His help it will.
Pitty parties don't get you very far. Feeling sorry for yourself just leads to unhappiness. But using the Atonement and prayer do work. They bring a new found sense of hope and peace. None of us are perfect but we are all enough in the Lords eyes. He loves us and accepts us regardless of our shortcomings and faults.
I encourage all of you to compliment someone this week. Say hi. Smile. Serve. You never know the impact it will have and it will make you feel good.
When we make time for the Lord, He will make time in our own schedule for ourselves. We can still get it all done. We just have to sacrifice to show Him that He is worth it.
I hope you all have a great week! I love you!
:) Sister Kimball

Monday, May 19, 2014

So there are a lot of little highlights that I want to share with you all this week! It is funny how the hand of the Lord is in all things. I know that He is aware of all of us and is just waiting to give us the help that we need. It is amazing to think that we all struggle with different things yet He can be there to help us all. It is pretty amazing when you think about it. He really is all knowing.
1. The mission is reading the Book of Mormon together in companionships everyday to help build unity and invite the Spirit into our lives. Sister Wilkerson and I decided that we were going to forgo the 5 pages a day and read 15 pages so we could complete the Book of Mormon together by the time the transfer is over and I leave. It has been a true blessing to read from the Book of Mormon with her each day. I have noticed that since we started doing this the work has progressed, the Lord trusts us more, we get along better, we have better communication, we have the energy to do the things that we need to, and so many other blessings. My testimony of the reality of the people and experiences in the Bok of Mormon have increased. I know that their expereinces are for my benefit. I know that it is another testament of Jesus Christ. I know that it is true and I feel happy when I read it. Blessings come when we keep the commandments of the Lord.
2. We had an awesome dinner with Natalie (our investigator getting baptized on June 6) and Candice (her friend from NorCal that referred her to us) last night. We were able to have a really fun dinner together and then a powerful lesson on the importance of baptism and keeping the sabbath day holy. She has a job on Sundays that keeps her from coming to church. She needs it to financially be able to support herself. It is the only real obstical we have met as we have worked with Natalie. Last night we were able to explain that we had our ward looking for alternative jobs for her and she was touched. She expressed that she wants more than anything to be part of church. She undstands the importance of the sacrament. She wants to be a part of it. The Spirit was strong. She was talking about all the changes she was willing to make to be a part of this gospel. It is amazing to see the affect the truth can have on someone. Her desire to follow Jesus Christ is so pure. She is such an awesome example. I am so hopeful that she will be able to switch up her schedule and find a job that will allow her to come to church on Sundays. She has such a righteous desire. We know it will all work out. The Lord is working in amazing ways in her life. It will be great to see what happens.
3. The Lord hears and answers prayers. I have had a lot of different things on my mind this week and I wasn't sure how to make sense of it all and I figured what better place to turn than to my Heavenly Father. As I communicated with Him my desire to stay focused on the work and the things that matter most He blessed me with a clear mind and understanding. Although all of my concerns didn't vanish or disappear they became more managable and didn't seem like such a big deal anymore. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy. He wants us to turn to Him when we are struggling. I know that when we do turn to Him, He will provide the peace we are looking for.
4. Finally, in ward council yesteday everyone was picking on me and asking me how long it was until I go home. It hit me that this is it. I really am on the final stretch. There have been multiple times when I have gotten emotional thinking of the fact that life as I know it is only going to last for a little while longer. I was comforted by the idea that there is a time and a season to all things. I know there are many wonderful things to look forward to but I am excited to make these last weeks count. There is a lot of work to be done!
I hope you all have a great week! The Lord is aware of each of us and the trials we are expereinceing. If we turn to Him we will receive answers and guidance.
I love you all very much!
:) Sister Kimball

Monday, April 14, 2014


This has been a magical week full of miracles. I feel like I haven't talked about how the work is going in awhile. You might be wondering who are they working with? In all honesty we hadn't been having a lot of success and there wasn't a lot to report but this week it is quite the opposite. It was the busy week we had been praying and waiting for!
The work in San Clemente YSA is exploding. We picked up two new solid elect investigators this week. One was a referral from a girl in Northern California (Natalie) and the second was a referral from a local girl (Nikki). They are both amazing, open, and ready to come closer to Christ by following His gospel. It is so exciting. I can't stop smiling as I write this email.
Natalie is 27ish and just hit her 3 years sober mark this week. She is a student at CalState Long Beach but lives in Aliso Viejo. She wants to go into fundraising work to promote people to love themselves and the skin they are in. She has made a lot of changes in her life lately and is in a really good place. She grew up catholic. Her friend Candace who referred her to us grew up catholic as well but converted about 3 years ago. She has been married in the temple and found the joys that comes from the gospel. Natalie had the opportunity to visit Candace and picked on the fact that something seemed different. She recognized the Spirit in their home, at the temple grounds (Candace took her to the Sacramento temple when she was there visiting), when she was with other members, when she was with the missionaries, when she was with us. She had the fist lesson in NorCal and liked it a lot. She then met with the missionaries again in Costa Mesa when she was at her member friends house. Then this week were able to get in touch with her and meet up. She said that all growing up that all the mormons she knew seemed different. They had a glow about them. She has felt that difference with every memeber she has been around. She is eager to learn more. She is coming to fhe tonight and institute on Wednesday. We are meeting for a quick lesson before fhe. She will also be at church this Sunday, which is a miracle since she works on Sundays. SHe was able to get Easter off. She is so prepared. And I think she is going to be an example to all of us, especially my companions of strength and the power of self worth. 
Nikki is the friend of a married girl in the area. She just recently got back from a study abroad to China. When she signed up to go she had no idea she was joing a group that was offered through BYU until she realized she would have to go to Utah to meet up the group and have a orientation. Well on that 5 month trip she hit it off with a guy who is a member of the church and now they are dating. He is at UVU so it is long distance. He took her to church a few times and now she is determined to go on her own (we met her at church with her married friend). We asked if we could teach her and she accepted. We have a time set up with her right before institute this Wednesday. The member friend that is coming to that lesson (not the married one) said that she sees a lot of potential. She is shy but awesome. We can't wait to get to know her better. And our Relief Society lesson was all about Joseph Smith so it layed a great foundation for our first lesson with her.
They are both amazing and I look forward to working with them more. The Lord is providing us with amazing opportunities. It has been an awesome week!
I know the work that I am doing is real. It is not just changing peoples lives here on earth but in the eternities as well. It is the best and most gratifying work. I couldn't be happier.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Sister Kimball

Monday, March 31, 2014

Transfer #11

Transfer time is here once again. I was confident and excited that Sister Rawle and I would stay together for at least one more transfer. That was the plan but last minute things changed. Sister Rawle is being transferred. I know that I am going to cover two wards again and be in a trio. I am kind of freaking out but I know that trasfer planning is done through the spirit. It is times like this that I really come to realize that I need to trust myself as well as the Lord as much as He trusts me. I know that He will not ask me to do anything that I am not capable of. I know that this transfer will come with its share of trials and challenges but it is in those times that we truly turn to the Lord and work through the hard times that we grow and become more like the Savior. I will fill you all in on the details next week. We are hoping that President doesn't pull too many jokes tomorrow at transfer meeting since it will be April Fools day and all. He is the type to take advantage of a holiday like that. We will all have to be on our toes.
I know that the Heavenly Fathers plan is perfect. Saturday evening was a series of awsome events. We went to the General Womens Broadcast which was great. It really got me in the General Conference spirit. I can't wait to hear from the prophet, apostles, and other inspired people this coming weekend. It is going to be fabulous. I can only imagine how much work and preparation goes into their talks. And it is a blessing to know that the words that they will speak are the words of the Lord. They are what He would say if He were here. We are so blessed to have a living prohpet on the earth that holds the priesthood of God. It is just such a blessing to hear from him twice a year as he addresses the world. The womens meeting is always an awesome kick start. After that we attended a baptism. It wasn't your ordinary convert baptism, it was special. An elder from our mission had the opportunity to baptize his father. He flew out from Nevada. Elder Tanefski is the only member in his family. His mom died when he was younger. He found the gospel, joined the church and decided to serve a mission. As he has been out the missionaries had been teaching him, his 8th or 9th set. He finally committed to be baptized and made special arrangements so his son could perform the ordinance. It was an incredible event. Elder Tanefski's home bishop and his wife came with his two nonmember brothers. And numerous other extended family that are not members of the church. Elder Tanefski and his father both bore powerful testimonies. The spirit was strong. I was so grateful to be there and be a part of it. Brother Tanefski plans to come back in a year to go through the temple with his son who will still be on his mission! TALK ABOUT A MIRACLE.
Brian (my recent convert) and his wife Kristy were there and I got to sit with them. It is always the greatest blessing to see them. I am just instantly filled with happiness and excitement and I know that they are as well. They are just my people. I would do anything for them. They have changed my life just as much if not more than I have changed theirs. I feel so lucky to know them.
It is always hard to know if you are having an impact on those around you. You think that you are doing good but it is hard to tell if it is helping others the way that you would hope. We had fast and testimony meeting yesterday and a number of different people talked about how important missionaries are not only to the non members that they teach but to the members that they strenthen. Many shared personal stories of how Sister Rawle and I have changed their lives and been an answer to prayers. It was every missionaries dream to know that we are indeed making a difference. One of the hardest things about working in a YSA (young singe adult) ward is gaining the members trust because you are close in age. It is important as missionaries to find that balance between missionary and friend. This ward had a history of mistrust and Sister Rawle and I were able to change that just by being ourselves and sharing what we know to be true. We have received more referrals than we know what to do with. The Lord knew what He was doing when He put us together. I just hope this same momentum can continue with my new companions as we have more responsiblity. I know God is at the head of this work and His will in the end will be accomplished.
I know this work I am doing is real. I know it changes lives. I love it. There is nothing I would rather be doing right now than serving the Lord.
Choose to be happy everyday! :)
I love and miss you all!
Sister Kimball

Monday, March 24, 2014

So the freak out has begun. I am in 'ah, I have to get everything I have ever wanted to accomplish as a missionary done in the next 3 months mode' and let me tell you it is nuts. It is strange to think that my life as a missionary has an expiration date on it and it is just around the corner. I was focusing a lot on the 'I have to get this done because it is always something I have wanted to do as a missionary' which isn't always bad because it keeps me focused. But at the same time I kind of lost sight of whose work I am out here doing. There might be a lot I want to accomplish to feel like I served a successful mission but in the end it really all boils down to whether or not I fulfilled what the Lord would have me do. I studied chapter 1 in Preach My Gospel a lot this week. I realized that the most important thing I can do right now is focus on helping others come unto Christ. All of the other little goals just don't matter. I have the rest of my life to accomplish those things but I only have 3 more months to be the Lords ambassador full time. I can rest assured at the end of the day that the Lord is pleased with me if I have done all I can to listen to the guidance of the Holy Ghost. I know that there is still a GREAT work for me to do. I have the opportunity to change many more lives. I just need to stay focused on what really matters.
I have the opportunity to practice teach quite a few newly returned missionaries in my ward as well as many that have been back for some time. The number one thing I have learned is that a full time mission really is just preparation for the rest of my life. Sure I won't be able to focus ALL my time, efforts, and energy to missionary work but I can still make it a priority. I have come to see that the gospel of Jesus Christ is what truly matters in this world. If we will make time to continue to develop and work on the simple doctrines (faith, scripture study, prayer, etc.) life is all the more manageable. It is amazing to see the brilliant power and spirit the message of the Restoration brings each time I share it. The message never gets old and I have the opportunity to learn from so many different people about how it relates to them and see that it truly is a message for EVERYONE. It changes lives. It changes mine each day. Sometimes I am spiritually in tune and other days I am not. The great thing is the gospel is alway there ready for us to pick up where we left off. It is a plan for imperfect people to work toward their potential. It is a plan of hope and happiness. It is something that I want to share with all of my brothers and sisters!
I know that God lives and He loves us. We are His literal spirit children. I know that Jesus is the Christ. I know that He died for our sins. I know that we can be forgiven of all the mistakes we make no matter how terrible they may seem. I know the atonement can cure all things bad. I know that families can be together forever. I know that the gospel has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. He saw God the Father and His son Jesus Christ. I know that the same church Christ established is back on the earth today. We have the priesthood to bless our lives. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and contains the fullness of the everlasting gospel. And finally I know that you can know that these things are true too. All you have to do is ask. Prayer works. God is listening. He is there waiting to answer. All you have to do is ask and listen. Life is not perfect. Life is not easy. But it is possible. Because of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I hope you all have a marvelous week. I love and miss you all!
Sister Kimball :)

From March 10th

It is SUPER hot in the library and I haven't had anything to eat so I am feeling a little light headed staring at the screen so I am going to keep this short and simple. It has been a pretty eventful week. I will give you a rundown of the highlights. Some funny, others exciting, and then some downers.
1. We got back to our apartment after emailing and shopping on Monday and our door is ajar. We were super confused and wondered if we had forgotten to close it sicne we were all half asleep when we left to take S. Semones to the airport. We sat outside the door for a minute and then I just decide to kick the door open. As I do we see a guy standing in our living roon looking right at us. S. Rawle screams and and a lady comes from around the corner into the living room. I start busting up laughing. Turns out it is Elder and Sister Johnson doing our apartment clean checks. I saw the white shirt and tag before I had a chance to freak out. It was so funny. We were relieved to say the least to see that it was them and we hadn't gotten robbed or anything. Leave it to the senior couples to freak you out!
2. We had zone conference this week and President Orgill gave an amazing training on the difference between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. Both are around us all the time. We invite Satan and his followers to tempt us each time we break a commandment and as we justify our actions that multiplies the influence that they can have on each of us. They can pick up on our actions and attitudes and use that to their advantage. But on the flip side when we use the atonement and do what is right we have angels to beat us up. We have forces of light around us to help us. But we must invite them to help us. They will always be there with more power but unless me seek their help they cannot help us. Satans power is real. But so is Gods. We have the opportunity to personally bind Satan out of our lives by making good choices and following the example of the Savior. That is incrdible if you ask me. We are more powerful than we think.The other thing that he talked about that really struck me was who we were before we came to earth. I know that we are spirit sons and daughters of God and that we lived with Him before we cam to earth. President said, "If each of you were to get a glimpse of the strength you had and how righteous you were before, we would all have an increased desire to be better here and now." When he said that it made me want to be better regardless. I want to reach my potential and I know I can. It won't be easy but I have so many tools to help me. Like prayer, repentance, the atonement, scriptures, family, temple, church, faith, etc. We have it all. I want to have the forces of light around me. And I am working on telling the forces of darkness that pick on my weaknesses to get lost. I know you can all do the same and see how much joy comes from being your best self.
3. So you might be wondering, how is the work going? Well, at the beginning of teh week things were pretty slow but now I am happy to report that miracles never cease. It is amazing how the moment you have real faith and work your hardest the Lord provides you with blessings. Every single time. We went to contact a couple referrals that are roommates and as we did one was home and the other was not. We set up a lesson for Saturday. We show up to this lesson not sure what to think. We learn that he is a recovering addict of about a year and is in a place in his life where he needs a change. We had an awesome spirit felt lesson and invited him to be baptized on April 11th and he accepted. He is great and excited to learn more and figure out if the things we are teaching him are true. To give you an idea of what it is like working in YSA...when we asked him what it would mean to him to know that the experience Joseph Smith has was real, he paused for a minutes and said, "that would be super chill!" We agreed with him. He likes the ides of modern day prophets and the priesthood a lot. I can't wait to keep you updated. His buddy Norm is going to be there at our lesson with him this week. So we are banking on picking him up as an investigator and extending a baptismal date to him as well. We are super excited. The Lord is aware of us and helping us find those that are ready. It is interesting how in missionary life you can go from close to nothing going on to someone progressing towards baptism in just a matter of hours. It really is an exciting and unpredictable work. I know that everything happens for a reason. I am just helping the Lord in his work.
4. So super random experience that once again shows that the Lords hand is in everyting. I had the impression to facebook a friend from BYUI, Kelsey Flora, because she is from around where I serve and ask if she had any friends we could go visit. I end up running into her at the church building and being able to grab her number. We saw her last night and she told us that she was trying to figure out how to get in touch with the missionaries and then she got my message on fb. She is leaving on her mission soon and wants to go out with us as much as she can. It is weird to see her not in Idaho. It was a small example but we were an answer to each others prayers. I am excited to take her out with us. I have had so many little experinces like this on my mission that just help strenthen my testimony that Heavenly Father really is in charge. He knows us and loves us and want to help and bless us.
5. We had a little bit of a tragedy this week. We were over doing some service for a member when we get a phone call. It is for S. Rawle so I hand the phone over and she starts to go white in the face. Turns out one of the families from her first area (like the family that she fell in love with) the wife out of nowhere had a hurnia and died on Friday. Her husband was a nonmember that they had been working with and to make it even crazier S. Rawles sister served in Carlsbad years ago and brought the lady who died back to the gospel. So the husband wanted more than anything to track S. Rawle down which he did because she became like family. So needless to say she was a wreck. It was like finding out her sister had passed away. She is being really strong but I can tell how much she is hurting. It is so hard to see her so hurt. We have been talking a lot about the unexpected. How nothing is a for sure in this life. It just made me realize how every day really does matter. The small choices me make matter. It has been a really valuable learning experience. It has made me reflect and thank Heavenly Father that I ahven't had to go through anything like that before. But you just never know. You can never be too safe.
Life is full of the good the bad and the ugly. It has been a week full of that as well. But the Lord is always there to help us out. Sister Rawle said something super profound to me a couple days ago. She said, "I know that my friend that passed away is just a force of light in my life on the otehr side now." It makes me emotional just thinking about it. What an awesome perspective she has. She is such a wonderful example to me. I love being a missionary. I love seeing God run His work. I love knowing that I am where I am supposed to be doing what I am meant to be doing. His work is real and I love that I am a part of it.
I hope you all have a marvelous week! Cheer someone up this week. There is always someone worse off than you. Trust in the Lord. Seek for His help in all things!
I love and miss you all!
S. Kimball :)

From March 3rd

I like Spencer was not the smartest tool in the shed and kept my weekly email until last so my time is a little far spent but I will highlight the week. I liked the format Elder Kimball used in his email so I am going to be a copycat. That is the nice thing about getting his weekly email before I write my own...and can I jsut say that he is one awesome missionary and an amazing example to me! I am one luck girl to have such an awesome brother!
(Keep in mind that these are in no particular order...)
1. Life in YSA is definitely not the same as life in a family ward that is for sure. There is a lot of activities and drop bys and getting to know people. Everyone is my age(ish). Weird. But at the same time I feel like I can connect with them on a different level than I could with "older" people. It is interesting to learn what is important to different individuals and tailor the docrines of the gospel to what will help them. It is like a game. I would always fall back on the importance and blessing of eternal families but that isn't what is on a lot of young peoples minds these days. We don't have any progressing investigators right now which is always a little tough. I feel like a lot of my mission has been being put into areas where there isn't a lot going on but it all always seems to work out. There is so much potential in my area. We cover 2 stakes and have one of the best ward mission leaders around. It is going to be a great transfer.
2. A lot of this week was focused on getting S. Semones ready to go home. She had her departing interview on Tuesday. While she was doing that we orcestrated a surprise lunch for her with S. Orgill and all the office ladies that have become our adopted moms. We had that lunch on Friday and it was a blast. She was super surprised and happy. We also had her departing dinner at the mission home last night. There was delicious food, funny stories, and lots of laughing. It was fun to celebrate S. Semones and S. Risley (another sister going home, who was my very first exchange in the mission). They will both be missed.
3. Oh random funny story, on our way home from the mission office on Tuesday we stopped at Cafe Rio for lunch and bumped into some spanish elders. They came in right as we were finishing up. It is always a little funny when you show up at the same place as other missionaries. We said hi and chatted for a minute and we were on our way and didn't think much of it. Then after we were seated at Olive Garden on Friday for the surprise lunch who else is seated at the table next to us but those same spanish elders out of their area for lunch. We just start laughing when we see them. And joke around that they are following us. Turns out that they had a baptism the night before and one of the elders had a giftcard to Olive Garden but told him mom that he wouldn't use it until he was celebrating a baptism so they got permission to go to lunch there. What a small world. What are the odds that they would show up right behind us to lucnch twice on the same week. Fun times.
4. It has been super rainy here for the past week which has been a nice change. It hasn't slowed us down any and California needs it so it is a true answer to prayers. It makes talking to people while we are out a challenge but kind of fun at the same time. We made a goal to talk to a red heard, a black person and get a sticker for our tags on Saturday and we acheived all three. Who says being a missionary can't be fun? :)
5. I love life and I am happy. The Lord truly is aware of each of us and the trials and struggles that we face. The Atonesment is for everyone and everything. I watched a lot of different mormon messages this week and it really opened my eyes to the way that we treat ourselves and others. I would encourage all of you to ward the new mormon message on bullying. It is frighting the way that peopel talk to each other these days. We have made it a goal in our companionship to stay positive and talk about others the way we would if Christ was around even when what we might want to say that is negative is true. We are all children of God and he loves each one of us. I am trying to develop that love for ALL that I serve around. It is not always easy but the blessing of the atonement is slowly making it possible! Don't let pride get in the way.
6. Finally, we dropped S. Semones off at the airport this morning. It was weird to see her off. I think I mentioned this before but it is a tradition for some missionaries to grad a baggage tag and put the elastic part around their wrist to remind them how short our time as full time missionaries really is. I put one of those around my wrist in addition to the one I have from when S. Bergau went home. It is a good reminder. Sometimes the reality of a mission actually ending is hard to grasp. She was ready. It was her time. I can't wait to hear how her homecoming experience was. S. Semones served an awesome mission and impacted a lot of lives including my own. As we were walking out of the airport with President he confirmed my departure date for June 25th and it was weird to hear. I know my time is short and I want more than anything to do ALL I can before I go. I know there is still work for me to do. Sometimes it is hard to be companions with someone that is leaving but it really wasn't. It was her time but it wasn't mine.
7. S. Rawle and I continue to get along great. We have a blast together. We are going to get so much work done. We are both so excited to help this ward progress. I am happier than ever! This church is true and the gospel changes lives. It has changed mine and continues to everyday.
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
:) S. Kimball

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let the Good Times Roll

Aloha from San Clemente!

I am just continuing my tour of the mission. If I am being completely honest it was weird to leave my last areas after such a short amount of time but I never really found my place there. It was great to be with Sister B. We worked well together but I found it hard to connect on a deep lasting level with anyone in either ward. It was my first experience like that on my mission. I think it was simply a time where Heavenly Father was preparing me for what was next. I am now serving in the San Clemente YSA ward with Sister R and Sister S (my former companion from Laguna Beach who goes home a week from today). As all of you know I am not the biggest fan of change and I was freaking out in transfer meeting wondering what was going to happen to me. Of course they didn't announce my new zone until last. When sisters were being called into companionships and my options were slowly melting away I couln't help but feel comfort that I was going exactly where the Lord needed and wanted me to be. When they called my name and my companions, I screamed. Awkward. But I was so happy.

So let me tell you, working with YSA's is way different and I am still trying to figure it out. Everyone is busy all the time and it is kids my own age. It is kind of a shock. But it has been fun so far and I see so much potential. There is a lot of potential and I am excited to figure out how to be successful in a YSA ward. And let me tell you how weird it is not looking for families anymore. It requires a total mindset change. It will all come together with some time. I am excited.

Now a little bit about my companions...I was with Sister S during a dark time in her mission. She struggled with self image and confidence. She held a lot of resentment toward different situations in her life. But throughout my time with her I literally saw the darkness be overtaken with the light of Christ. She transformed into a totally new person and it was a miracle to watch. She saw the worth and potential in herself that was there all along. It was magical. She says a lot of this change had to do with me which I don't know if I agree with but I feel so blessed to have helped her in any way that I did. She was always one to be very hard on herself and I guess I played a part in helping her realize that no one is perfect. The Savior atoned for our sins so that we could use it each day and have a clean slate. As she bore her departing testimony she said, "I now know that I am a daughter of God and He loves me!" That is the first thing that we teach people but it is also one of the hardest concepts for people to believe and accept. She is amazing and I am excited for all the good she has done and will continue to do. And she goes to BYUI so I will see her in the fall! :)

Sister R is from Springville, UT and already graduated from UVU in criminal justice. She is 22 and awesome. She is one of the sisters in the mission I have always wanted to get to know better and boom here is my chance. I still don't know her that well. But what I do know is she is another sister that lives way beneath her potential simply because she doesn't see it in herself. My goal this transfer is to help her so how capable she truly is and in the process see all this success from hard work and faith in the Lord. She started in the Carlsbad mission but came out around the same time as me. It is awesome being in a companionship where we are all experienced. It makes the work so much fun. We are going to tear it up! I am the happiest I have been on my mission. I foresee countless miracles. We are going to find, teach, baptize, retain, and reactivate! Now is the time!

BR's grandma J that bore came to his baptism and felt the Spirit and bore her testimony was baptized yesterday. It was amazing to be there and share in the experience. B baptized her and seeing him exercise his priesthood was awesome. It was crazy to think that 4 months ago he wouldn't have been able to do that. The Lord is amazing and His plans truly are inspired. There were many friendly and familiar faces at the baptism. It was a wonderful reunion once again. K gave me a sweet note that talked about how grateful she is that we are "sisters" and that I helped her dreams of having an eternal family someday come true. I am just so overwhelmed by the Spirit each time I think about the R family. I love them so much. E and G were talking about how much they want to come visit me in Utah. They can't wait to go to temple square. They are just incredible and I don't know what I would do without them!

Life is so good. I am happy. The work is good. I love being a missionary. The hand of the Lord is in all things. I am not only changing lives but my life is being changed each day for good! I love the Lord and I am grateful for Him.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
All my love,

S. Kimball :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Transfer #10

Aloha Friends and Family!

Transfer time is here once again. I can hardly believe it. There is a lot of changes this time. I assumed that I would be staying my in areas or at least one of them but ends up I am out of there. It is my shortest stay in a zone but I know that Heavenly Father needs me elsewhere. It is hard to leave members, investigators, missionary friends, and companions behind. I just remind myself that I am moving on to another opportunity to meet and make good relationships. I had a mild freak out today when I thought to myself, "I am starting my 10th transfer. That means that I only have 2 more after this one. Time is going to fly by." I can't imagine life not as a missionary. I know my time is coming to an end but I know that I still have a lot to learn. The opportunity to learn, grow, improve, change, and evolve is never over.

So we had N's baptism this week. It went well. It was actually kind of a disaster is some ways. I mean she is amazing and had a good experience but there was a lack of reverence throughout the whole program. Little unnecessary comments, clapping after the baptismal ordinance, and a lot of talking during the talks. The Spirit would be there and then just leave so quickly. Luckily N saved the day as she got up to bear her testimony and explain to her non member family why she had just been baptized. It was powerful. There were so many people there to support her. It was a success. There are imporvements to be made but what matters most is Nellie is not a baptized and confirmed member of the church and has the gift of the Holy Ghost.

There is nothing better than hearing the words, "how did you know I needed you? You came at the perfect time!" as a missionary. Sister B and I had that a couple times this week. One of them was with a member. Sister G is a a ward missionary and we stopped in on her one day and ends up she was going through her food storage with another lady from the ward. We offered to help and she told us how much she appreciated it and was freaking out wondering how she was going to get all this done without a litttle more help. Then voila, we show up. The Lord works in mysterious ways. We had a blast helping her. It ends up that a lot of her food storage was from 1991 (so the year I was born, meaning it is 23 years old...gross). She was freaking out about it all being bad and how they had a false sense of security all this time. Sister S reassured her that she would be able to restock it and all would be well. It was hilarious to open up the cans of rice, and apples, and powdered milk, and smell it/taste it to test if it was bad. I learned that everything smelt terrible to me. I was told I made lots of funny faces. Those who know me well know that I react to things. It was fun. There are so many random experiences like this on a mission. It is what keeps things exciting.

Something I have been working on a lot these past couple of weeks is charity. There are many times in our lives when we feel like it is okay to be offended or mad or whatever the emotion because to the wrong doing of someone else. I read Beware of Pride and realized it is something we can all work on. It is hard to develop any of the other Christlike attributes until we understand the importance of charity and apply it as best we can. I learned that charity is recognizing that we are truly all children of God and He loves us regardless of our mistakes. We must love those that offend or hurt us. The key is using the atonement of Jesus Christ to do that. His help and power make it possible. I know when I am frustrated or annoyed the person I am hurting the most by hanging onto those emotions is myself. I want to be better at using the atonement for EVERYTHING so I can be happy in everything. A lot of times it is easier said than done. I know that it is possible though. I can only help others as far as I help myself. How selfish and sad it would be to stay miserable and in turn not be able to help others get out of their misery. I have the gospel. I have all the answers. The question I keep asking myself is what am I doing with that knowledge that I have?

I know that God lives and He loves us. I know the Savior atoned for us. He wants us to be happy. I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Sister Kimball :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

23 Today?!

I can't believe that I am 23 years old. I feel so much younger than that. And everyone tells me I look a lot younger too. But I have learned a lot in these 23 years and I have an unlimited amount of things to be grateful for. I was reflecting on what the word "birthday" means and as we all know it is the day of our birth. As I pondered I came torealize just how magnificent that day really is. 23 years ago I left the presense of my Heavenly Father to come down to this earth to an incredible family. I have been blessed to be brought up in the gospel and to know from a very young age that I am a child of God and that He loves me. My mission has helped me to better understand His plan for me. It has made sense of things in the past and given me so much knowledge for things in my future. I know that God is aware of each of us. He not only has a general plan for all of us to return to Him and be like Him but a specific plan for each and everyone of us. He knows us by name and He wants nothing more than to bless us. But we must turn to Him.

I have been thinking and studying a lot about creating a celestial culture or a culture of high expectations. We were in a Mission Leadership Council meeting this week and one of the trainings was on this very topic. Something that stuck out to me was that the best way that we can be examples to others is simply by living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Obviously none of us are perfect but when we follow the Saviors example we become more like him. President O asked us to consider 6 questions related to a celestial culture. All of which were geared towards the mission and what is so cool is it applies to everyone. Not just missionaries. Anyways the 6 questions were:
1. What is it? Christlike
2. What does it look like? Transformation (conversion)
3. What does it feel like? Peace
4. How is it created? Remembering
5. How is it perpetuated? Example
6. What difference does it make? All the difference, Exaltation
I have had the opportunity this week to ponder on this a lot. We talked about it in a group. Then I have the opportunity to council with the other leaders in my zone and finally on my own. For each question I have come up with a one word answer for myself 9the words in green). Our ultimate goal is to become perfect even as God and Christ are perfect and enjoy the blessings of exaltation. But there are things we need to do to get there. Such as feast upon the words of Christ, become true converts to His gospel, repent daily, and believe in His power. When we do these things we feel peace and happiness. When we expereince this joy we want to share it with others and be that example for them and lead them to the truth. But it all begins with remembering the testimonmies we have and the moments when the spirit has witnessed truth to our hearts and minds. It is a formula to perfection. It is something that has literally change my mission and my life. I can live in a way here and now on earth that is preparing me for the celestial world. Heavenly Father expects a lot of us because He trusts us. He wants us to experince the peace that the gospel brings and share it with others. We are all capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for. I know that I am learning things on my mission that are changing the way I think. I am truly becoming more converted to the gospel. The atonement of Jesus Christ is transforming me into the person God wants me to be. I don't know where I would be without the knowledge I have. I am working each day to be worthy of the spirit and create that celestial culture for myself and those around me! You can do it to. I invite you all to consider these questions and come up with an answer that makes sense to you!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Transfer calls are this weekend so I will let you know next Tuesday (transfer day) (oh and monday is a holiday) what is happening. I just got here so hopefully I stick around. And it is hard to believe the 6 weeks is already almost up!
oh and N is getting baptized on Saturday!!!! I will let you all know how her special day turns out! Her nonmember husband, son, daughter in law, and two teenage grandsons will be there as well. An amazing opportunity for them to feel the spirit!

Love you all!
:) S. Kimball

ps A little run down on my birthday day. We got together as a zone for breakfast at 6:15am which meant we had to wake up at 5:30...gross (but found out the zone leaders got up at 3am to make it, my new heros). Met at the stake center where we didn't realize seminary would be going on, so all the rooms were filled and we ended up sitting around and eating in the lobby. It was kind of ghetto but we make it work. And the ZL's put sprinkels in my pancakes for my birthday. Very cute. Then we went on a zone hike. Did studies on the top of a hill. Beautful and peacful. had a little devotional and testimony meeting, where the spirit was strong. It was the perfect beginning to my day. Then went to a late breakfast with the RS president of one of my wards that is aweesome. So needless to say i am getting taken care of. Forgot my camera otherwise I would have attatched a picture. And Sister B is treating me to a comanion date for dinner :) I am blessed and happy!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I appreciate you all so much! I couldn't do it without your love and support!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Pray for Rain!


The time just keeps passing me by. I don't even get it. I can't believe we are already in February. It is crazy. One bummer thing of the week...the weather was actually a little winter like. I have worn my coat a couple days and boots have been my go to footwear. I decided it's a good thing I am coming home in the summer because a utah/ Idaho winter at this point might kill me. Oh and while we are on the topic of weather, the state of California is experience a draught. We all fasted and prayed for rain this past Sunday and it rained last night. The Lord really does deliver. Especially, when many of His children band together for a worthy cause. If you all could pray for rain to end this draught as well that would be wonderful! :)

It was a great week. Probably the best week of the transfer so far. The work here is moving forward. I still feel like there are so many more people to meet and get to know. I love covering two wards but it does have it's challenges. There is so much potential and missionary work to be done in both the Foothill Ranch and Aliso Creek ward. I feel like both wards have members that are ready to take it to the next level and be true missionary minded wards that are focused on hastening the work. One of the challenges we face is feeling like we can't give 100% of our time and attention to both wards. It makes it hard because we want the best for both. I also feel like the wards feel like they only have part time sisters (which is kind of true) and wish that we could be more full time. With the schedule of church times we can't attend both. Rumor has it that they might put full time missionaries in both ward next transfer which might not be such a bad idea. 
I don't think I have given a good run down on the work in awhile, so here you have it:

This week in Foothill Ranch:
We picked up an investigator named K. He is friends with a family from our ward. He is friends with their daughter who is out on a mission. They met each other at work. He attended her farewell. He is 21. He opened up to us a lot about his struggle with depression and how he wants to badly to believe in something. We shared the new training of the restoration and talked a lot about personal revelation. That he can come to know things for himself. He is looking forward to meeting with us and is hopeful that he will find an answer on his journey. We had him pray and he said it felt good to talk to God again. He kind of gave up on prayer after he felt like he wasn't receiving answers. We are excited to get a baptismal date with him this week.

N is our hispanic investigator that will be baptized on February 15th. She is so amazing. Everytime we are with her the Spirit is so strong. She is one of those people that was prepared throughout her whole life for this moment. She has an amzing testimony. We taught her the Word of Wisdom this week and we asked her why she thought this "health code" Heavenly Father revealed to Joseph Smith might be important and she said, before she opened teh pamphlet I might add, "Because my body is a temple. It is a gift from God and I must treat it as such." I couldn't beleive it. She is so inspired and close to the Spirit. We would love for you to be at her baptism if you are available!

We are working with a part member family the Ws. R is less active and N is not a member. They are an awesome older couple. We invited them to take the lessons and they accepted. We are excited to get them involved and participating so the Spirit can testify truth to them. They are wonderful and would be a great asset to our ward. We have ward missionaries fellowshipping them as well. It is great.

This week in Aliso Creek:
We found a bunch of new potentials this week. 1 high school aged girl,1 couple, and a family.
As we were visiting a member from the ward we saw a girl off in the distance flop to the ground on the curd. She didn't look very happy and had a bunch of stuff with her. It looked like she needed some help. We approached her and told her who we were. She said that she had just been kicked out of her aunts house. She was so nice and open to talking to us. We explained that we thought our message could help her and she expressed interest. We got her number and will be meeting with her this week. She definitely had the light of Christ in her. We are excited to sit down and teach her.

We went to contact DH a referral we received and we end up finding his wife home. She was sick and didn't want to give us the germs so we talked on the doorstep for a bit. She talked about how she is catholic but then said that they were church shopping. She talked about how her husband had worked with some mormons and they were great and they always kind of wondered about what we believe. We explained that as missionaries it is our job to do just that, teach people and help them come closer to Christ. She said that she and her husband would love to sit down with us. We will be seeing them this week as well. They also have 4 kids. 

As we were coming out of dinner on Saturday night there is a couple across the street moving in. We go help them unload the truck. The elders are with us as well. We are obviously in our proselyting clothes and they are shocked that we would randomly stop and come and help them. They accepted our offer to help quickly. The wife B was very outgoing. After some time I hop up into the truck with husband C and help move things from the back of the truck forward for people to carry in. We get talking and he starts asking questions about missions. It was a pretty basic conversation but he we super impressed and thankful. They talked about how blessed their day had been and what lifesavers we were. We ended up leaving them with a Book of Mormon and our number. We are probably going over there this week to help them unpack and if not we are going over for a lesson. She said she wants to pick our brains about mormons. It should be great. Oh and turns out that she cut her leg that night after we left and went over to the members across the street for some band aids so they know each other now. And our ward executive secretary Brother J stopped when he saw white shirts and ties and ended up helping as well. B talked to his wife for awhile and we found out church that they had dinner at the Js last night. AMAZING. They have had so much love from members already it is amazing how the Lord works.

There is a lot of good going on. Sometimes it is hard to feel like you are accomplishing much when you aren't reaching the goals you set. But I know that Sister B and I are laying a foundation. I take a lot of comfort in D&C 64:33. It continues to be a comfort to me. I know that my efforts aren't wasted. The Lord is blessing us with confidence and piece of mind. I am so excited for this upcoming week and all the good that will come and the progress that will be made! :)

I hope you are all doing well. Be happy. Put your trust in the Lord. Believe in Him.


Sister Kimball :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

We All Have So Much Potential

This week was a GREAT week!

Two guys from SLC came to evaluate our mission which was a little intimidating but they gave us a training that change my life and mission. It was for all the leaders and future leaders of the mission. There was about 90 missionaries (so half the mission) there. I learned a lot about the beauty and power that comes from simplicity. I know that Christ taught plainly and boldly. I am excited to try the new strategy of teaching and see the Spirit take over as investigators and members "participate" and authorize the Spirit to teach them. It is such an incredible concept. Both Elder D and G have a gift for public speaking. I could connect to the messages that they were sharing. I have a new more developed understanding of my purpose. We are here to invite others to follow Christs example and be baptized as a means of receiving the gift of the holy Ghost so they can endure to the end and enjoy eternal salvation with their families. We asked our investigator N from the Foothill Ranch ward last night why she wanted to be baptized and she told us "so she could receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and the promise of His constant companionship". She gets it. Sometimes I feel like investigators get it more than we do because they aren't distracted by all the other stuff. It is amazing how pure their knowledge becomes so quickly with the help of the Spirit. She accepted a baptismal date for February 15th. I can't wait to help her get to the point where she is ready to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. She just needs to run it past her husband and make sure he is on board. He is slowly looking more and more promising as a potential investigator. He has a bad history with organized religion but we that is because it was not run in the proper way. We are confident that as he sees the joy that continues to come into Nellie's life thanks to the gospel he will be curious to know what it is all about. We view her baptism as a wonderful opportunity for him to feel the Spirit. I am very excited. 

As far as other investigators go we are working on it. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get in touch with those that the sisters had been working with before transfers yet. We are being patient and in the mean time working to find others that the Lord has prepared. We can feel the potential of the areas we serve in and are excited to press on. We know we are laying a foundation. Things will pick up soon. Both Sister B and I have been depressed by the numbers that we have reported the past couple weeks but we both received a spiritual witness that we need to be patient and that those numbers don't mean anything. There is work for us to do and if we follow His plan miracles will follow. Needless to say we are excited to see what happens! 

Going to the temple with B and K was magical. It was amazing to see them there dressed in white doing proxy work for their ancestors. The spirit was strong and the experience memorable. I couldn't help but sit there and think to myself, "It is moments like this that make all the hard times worth it." I am making a difference, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem sometimes. There are people that I need to find. The work that I am doing is important. The work of salvation however is not just for missionaries. The opportunity to feel the joy that comes from sharing the gospel is available to all of us. Are will willing to catch the vision. We had stake conference and the talks were all focused on this great work we are apart of. The time is now. The field is white all ready to harvest. The gathering of Israel is happening now and it will excellerate until the Lord comes again. It is an exciting time. One that the brethren is marking as important and significant as the 1st vision or the coming forward of the Book of Mormon and we have the chance to be a part of it. How cool is that? Are we commited to helping others come unto Christ?

I studied a lot about potential this week and how we are all children of God. His literal spirit children. We have the potential to be like Him and joint heirs with Christ. We rarely give ourselves enough credit. Sure we all make mistakes and have weaknesses that we can work on but that is why we have the atonement. A very wise friend emailed me about just that this week. We are all working toward perfection but along the way we are going to mess up. That is part of the plan. When we do we must repent, recommit to be better, and move on. The Lord will forgive us of our sins. The question is are we going to forgive ourselves and move on in faith? We were give the commandments and we make covenants or promises with God to protect us and keep us accountable to something but in the end there is always room for growth and change. It is never too late. I love this knowledge that I have. How can I not want to share this message of hope with others? It is the cure to all of lifes problems.

I love being the Lords called servant. I love the opportunity I have to talk to everyone. I am so blessed. This church is true. I know it.

I hope you have a all have a wonderful week!

Sister Kimball :)