Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let the Good Times Roll

Aloha from San Clemente!

I am just continuing my tour of the mission. If I am being completely honest it was weird to leave my last areas after such a short amount of time but I never really found my place there. It was great to be with Sister B. We worked well together but I found it hard to connect on a deep lasting level with anyone in either ward. It was my first experience like that on my mission. I think it was simply a time where Heavenly Father was preparing me for what was next. I am now serving in the San Clemente YSA ward with Sister R and Sister S (my former companion from Laguna Beach who goes home a week from today). As all of you know I am not the biggest fan of change and I was freaking out in transfer meeting wondering what was going to happen to me. Of course they didn't announce my new zone until last. When sisters were being called into companionships and my options were slowly melting away I couln't help but feel comfort that I was going exactly where the Lord needed and wanted me to be. When they called my name and my companions, I screamed. Awkward. But I was so happy.

So let me tell you, working with YSA's is way different and I am still trying to figure it out. Everyone is busy all the time and it is kids my own age. It is kind of a shock. But it has been fun so far and I see so much potential. There is a lot of potential and I am excited to figure out how to be successful in a YSA ward. And let me tell you how weird it is not looking for families anymore. It requires a total mindset change. It will all come together with some time. I am excited.

Now a little bit about my companions...I was with Sister S during a dark time in her mission. She struggled with self image and confidence. She held a lot of resentment toward different situations in her life. But throughout my time with her I literally saw the darkness be overtaken with the light of Christ. She transformed into a totally new person and it was a miracle to watch. She saw the worth and potential in herself that was there all along. It was magical. She says a lot of this change had to do with me which I don't know if I agree with but I feel so blessed to have helped her in any way that I did. She was always one to be very hard on herself and I guess I played a part in helping her realize that no one is perfect. The Savior atoned for our sins so that we could use it each day and have a clean slate. As she bore her departing testimony she said, "I now know that I am a daughter of God and He loves me!" That is the first thing that we teach people but it is also one of the hardest concepts for people to believe and accept. She is amazing and I am excited for all the good she has done and will continue to do. And she goes to BYUI so I will see her in the fall! :)

Sister R is from Springville, UT and already graduated from UVU in criminal justice. She is 22 and awesome. She is one of the sisters in the mission I have always wanted to get to know better and boom here is my chance. I still don't know her that well. But what I do know is she is another sister that lives way beneath her potential simply because she doesn't see it in herself. My goal this transfer is to help her so how capable she truly is and in the process see all this success from hard work and faith in the Lord. She started in the Carlsbad mission but came out around the same time as me. It is awesome being in a companionship where we are all experienced. It makes the work so much fun. We are going to tear it up! I am the happiest I have been on my mission. I foresee countless miracles. We are going to find, teach, baptize, retain, and reactivate! Now is the time!

BR's grandma J that bore came to his baptism and felt the Spirit and bore her testimony was baptized yesterday. It was amazing to be there and share in the experience. B baptized her and seeing him exercise his priesthood was awesome. It was crazy to think that 4 months ago he wouldn't have been able to do that. The Lord is amazing and His plans truly are inspired. There were many friendly and familiar faces at the baptism. It was a wonderful reunion once again. K gave me a sweet note that talked about how grateful she is that we are "sisters" and that I helped her dreams of having an eternal family someday come true. I am just so overwhelmed by the Spirit each time I think about the R family. I love them so much. E and G were talking about how much they want to come visit me in Utah. They can't wait to go to temple square. They are just incredible and I don't know what I would do without them!

Life is so good. I am happy. The work is good. I love being a missionary. The hand of the Lord is in all things. I am not only changing lives but my life is being changed each day for good! I love the Lord and I am grateful for Him.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
All my love,

S. Kimball :)

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