Monday, November 25, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude

Happy Turkey Day!

Transfers are here once again. It is always a stressful but exciting time. There is a lot of change. Some good and some not so good. But it is an opportunity for growth and new expereinces. I have learned so much from the different companions and areas I have served with and in so I welcome the change with the best attitude I can. I will be staying in Laguna Beach! YAY! I wanted to be here for Christmas so badly. Sister S is being transferred. I am really sad to see her go. We had our differences but in the end we were a great team. We balanced each other out and got stuff done. I will be in a trio again this transfer. I am assuming with another STL and then just a normal sister. Trios are always a little stressful because you have one more person to worry about and include but it also has its upsides. Ever since transfer calls I have been at peace. I am not exactly sure what is going to happen but I know it will all work out. There are quite a few people in the zone being transferred so it will be sad to see them go but exciting to have some fresh faces around. Elder H, one of the zone leaders that we share a ward with is leaving. I'll miss him a lot. I really got along well with him and we thought similarly which helped in couneling about our zone. But I am sure whoever replaces him will be great. I forget how much drama there is around transfers. Everyone is gossiping and trying to figure out and predict what is going to happen. I used to take part in that and decided it just isn't worth it. Not to mention majority of the time my guesses would be wrong anyways. I will let you know the details like always next week of what ends up happening.

This is going to be a busy, exciting, weird week. Everytime there is a holiday life seems to slow down for everyone else but us, as missionaries it's not that different. School is out Wednesday thru the weekend so a lot of people will be out of town which is a bummer. But there is a lot of good going on this week. We are serving at a homeless lunch on Thanksgiving in the early afternoon and then have been invited to Bishop G for Thanksgiving dinner. And we have Bs baptism on Sunday night. I can not tell you how excited I am. We were planning out the program in our ward mission meeting and it made me so happy. We taught him the Word of Wisdom, Chastity, and the Law of Tithing this week and he accepted to live all of them. He is a coffee drinker but has no problems giving it up. He reminds me so much of my first convert L. Things just seemed too good to be true. But what I continue to learn is that the Lord is at the head of this work and He is the one that makes all of this possible.  I am just grateful that the Lord has prepared B so well to accept the gospel and that he is using his free agency for good. We picked up G (9) and E (12) (K's kids/B's step kids) this week as investigators. Our vision is that B will be able to baptize them after he has received the priesthood, when the kids have completed the lessons and have permission from their dad. How neat will that day be? Brains baptism is opening up the doors to countless blessings for him and his family. Working with B and K is a miracle. When I look at them I see a family preparing to go to the temple to be sealed. I studied covenants this week and gained so much insight, especially since I am working with the Rh family. Baptism is the first true covenant that we make and it is incredibly important. But it is the gate or the beginning to the opportunity to make more covenants. It is a preparation for the temple. I had never truly recognized that before. B making the covenant of baptism will allow them to work towards being sealed in the temple as an eternal family. THAT IS AMAZING. And I can't wait to be there with them. The blessings of a mission last much longer than the time you simply serve. The experiences you have change you and stay with you forever. And I know I will see blessings from serving a mission throughout the entirety of my life.

I have so many things to be grateful for. As Thanksgiving is approaching I have been pondering a lot on what matters most. There is so much distraction in the world. There is so much fighting for our attention. But in the end what matters most? Well for me at least is comes down to the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is what brings true happiness. This is where I find peace, comfort and understanding. I know that I am a daughter of God. I know that I matter and have a purpose. I know that families can be together. I know the binding power of covenants. I know that we have a living prophet. I know that through the atonement I can change and progress. And so much more. The gospel brings light to all of lifes concerns. I don't know what I would do without it. It has become the core of who I am. my desire to share what I know grows as my own conversion and understanding deepens. I know that God loves all of His children and I am here to help those that have lost sight of this knowledge remember how important they are.

Last night we had the opportunity as a mission choir to perform at a Interfaith Thanksgiving service here in Laguna Beach. There were different scripture readings and prayers offered by other faiths. It was neat to all gather together. The coolest part was the spirit that was there as 80 missionaries stood to sing Come Thou Fount and Prayer of Thanksgiving. It is moments like those when you know you are part of the true church. There is bits and pieces of truths in the others but we have them all.

Remember who you are and whose you are! Children of God. I am so thankful for all of you and your love and support. It means more than you know. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving feast!


Sister Kimball

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