Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Half Way!

Dear Family and Friends,

So it's that time again. Today is transfer day which means my time is limited. I don't know what it is but my days have been crazy the past couple of weeks. So much to do and so little time. So for a quick update on what is happening. I am staying in Laguna Beach with S. S. She is my co-sister training leader (STL). My other companion S. K is done training and was asked to be a senior companion and is being transferred. So the change for me this transfer is limited which is really nice. We are however moving apartments. There is an apartment with 2 companionships of sisters and they have been having issues so we are switching places. It is also good because we are moving in with sisters that we exchange with so that will make things easier being around them and at their service. Moving is no walk in the park. I am not a fan. But I dejunk a little more every move which is good. I don't want to accumulate too much. 

Oh which reminds me...tomorrow is my 9 month mark. Can you believe it! I made it half way. When I look back there are times that were HARD and went by SUPER SLOW but all in all it has flown by. I am freaking out a little bit. Now that I have a little bit more experience and I am used to the idea of change I am afraid this second 9 months is just going to whiz by. But I know that the time that I am here is valuable. I still have things to learn and people to meet. The work is such a blessing. I feel selfish being a part of it sometimes. I feel like I grow and receive so many blessings. It reconfirms my testimony that God is aware of each of us. He wants to bless us. 

I had the unique opportunity to go to the temple again this week. One of the sisters that I am over has been struggling a lot and President O gave her permission to go to the temple as needed with one of her STL's. She asked if I would accompany her and of course I accepted. I had just been to the temple a few weeks before and had a great experience. But there was something special about this time. I know that it was a hidden blessing/tender mercy. I didn't know that I needed it before I went but afterwards it was so clear. The house of the Lord is so clean, pure, and reverent. It is a place to receive revelation and help in furthering the work of salvation for those on the other side of the veil. I felt so close to the Spirits that dwell there. It is a sacred place. A place to ponder, reflect, and ask. I encourage all that are able to go to the temple this week. Let it bless your life like it blessed mine. 

I almost forgot the most exciting part of my week. Elder Falebella of the Seventy was here with us for a zone conference. He and his wife both spoke to us. It was amazing. We discussed agency and how the ability we have to choose frees us. In reality all the commandments that many think bind us are what protect us and allow us to be happy and receive blessings. We also talked about the importance of the Spirit in conversion and missionary work. This is impossible to have if we are not worthy of it, which of course brought us to the topic of diligence, desire, and obedience. Being a missionary is not easy. It is far from it. But with the help of the Lord it is possible. Elder Falebella taught us the importance of fixing what doesn't work. If we are continually doing something that proves not to work don't keep doing it. The results will be the same. I have been so motivated to think outside the box. One of the things we are starting is Mormonade Stands. I missed the first one since I was at the temple. But the idea behind it is we set up a lemonade stand with cookies in the church parking lot right across from the high school as classes are getting out for the day and offer kids a free drink and cookie if they will ask and listen to the answer of a doctrine based question. My companions said it was a booming success. They had awesome conversations, gave out Books of Mormon, pamphlets and so on. There are so many ways to do missionary work beyond the cookie cutter suggestions. We know that the youth have had an awesome success with bringing friends in the gospel and want to re motivate them be missionaries. It is an exciting time. People seem to be more excited about being missionaries. It makes me look forward to being a member missionary when I am home. This work is important and Heavenly Father needs all of us. 

Not a whole lot to report on investigators. Not a whole lot of change this week. We have faith that good and exciting things are in store. Social conversion in southern California is key. Luckily we have some pretty awesome ward members. I'll fill you in with some more details next week!

I hope you are all doing well. Pray for missionary opportunities! Take them. Introduce them to the missionaries! It is the greatest gift you could give to those you love. 

I miss you and I pray for you!

Sister Kimball :)

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