Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 22, 2013

Hi All,

Well I have officially completed my second transfer and am no longer a 'greeny' (or however you spell it). It is weird to think that I am just a normal missionary now. I get to go out an hour earlier and not worry about training which will be nice. So nothing that I thought was going to happen ended up happening. I am not in La Habra anymore nor am I training. I am now in Costa Mesa in Newport with Sister MI who is from Samoa. She is nice but her English isn't the best and she has a hard time understanding me sometimes. I am sure with a little time all of that will work out. I am dealing with A LOT of change and it is hard. Especially, since I was so sure I was staying in La Habra. The Lord has bigger plans for me. I think I might be transferred to the new mission in July. I say that because there is a good chance I will train next transfer which means I will be in the middle of training when the mission opens officially which means I stay. We will just have to wait and see. Next transfer is the big deciding time. I have mixed feelings about leaving the Anaheim mission for the Irvine mission. I am trying not to worry about it now and just focus on my new area. Oh did I mention I'm now on bike. Ahh. I am so out of shape and terrified but oddly enough excited at the same time. I think Heavenly Father is helping me out with that. I feel like I am a new missionary all over again. I think my first few transfers are going to be rough but I know I have something to learn and they are all inspired. 

It is hard to be away from my old zone, ward, and just area in general. It really did become home. Even though I am struggling again I know that things will get better and Heavenly Father is aware of me. I was worried things would never get better when I first entered the field and they turned out better than I ever could have imagined. It really is all about faith and trust in the Lord. I am reminded of the same principles over and over again. Two elders from my old zone were transferred to my new zone and I know the zone leader and one of the other sisters was in the mtc with me. It is comforting to know that there will be friendly faces around. I can do anything for 6-12 weeks. I am learned that. It's not always easy but when you focus on the people and the work it is possible. 

At transfer meeting this morning the departing missionaries bore their testimonies. It was weird to think that their missions are over. It made me realize that day is closer than I think and I want to make the most of everything. As a missionary you seriously learn so much about yourself. You realize a lot of good and impress yourself but you also start to see a lot of your weaknesses. It is a humbling yet empowering experience. It is hard to explain. 

My last week in La Habra was slow but we met with a lot of people. We did district tracting which was fun as well. I just love being out with other missionaries. It was hard not being able to go to p day activity today with transfers but I got to see a lot of people at transfer meeting which was a blast. I just love the strength I get from seeing Gods army come together. 

I will report more on my new area and how everything is going next week!

Sister Kimball

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