Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

Hello Friends!

Well this week has been an emotional roller coaster which is to be expected when you are dealing with change and trying to readjust to a new place, companion, ward, and mode of transportation. But in the end the week finished up well. I am feeling good about things and have figured out how to deal with what this new transfer has to offer. 

My companion is difficult for me to get along with. She is very set in her ways and not interested in trying or listening to other peoples points of view. She's always right. I have quickly learned that in order to eliminate contention, I just go along with what she tells me. I do my own thing and don't worry about what she says. It keeps me from being upset and feeling crappy. It is easier just to let her be. I tried the whole sticking up for myself and that proved to be a mistake. As long as I can be obedient and feel good about things we'll do it her way. 

We had the unique opportunity to participate in a 'mormon helping hands' service project this past weekend. Along with local members and missionaries we cleaned the grounds and cafeteria of the local high school. It was fun to see the church take part in service. The mayor ended up dropping by to see our efforts. It turns out he lives in my area and the member that was in charge of this event is going to give is his address so we can 'accidentally'  tract into him and his family. That will be interesting. Who knows, maybe they will be interested! 

We also had the opportunity to help prepare for the YW's bake sale pie auction to raise money for Girls Camp this summer. It was fun to be involved with the ward and get a jump start on meeting people. Being part of the activity made me realize how sad I am that I was never able to experience Girls Camp. I hope my daughters will have that opportunity. It sounds pretty dang fun. 

The ward is rather old. There are a lot of senior couples, which is quite different from my La Habra ward which was packed with young families. It was weird to experience silence during the sacrament yesterday. Everyone is very friendly and I received a very warm welcome for everyone I met. 

It is neat because I have a senior couple in my district and ward. They come to our correlation meetings and everything. It is nice to have a couple looking out for us and there to support us when we need them. They actually took us out to lunch on Friday which was very sweet of them. They are fun to be around but make me miss my grandparents. 

My zone is huge compared to the Fullerton zone. When we showed up to District meeting on Thursday I though there must be two zones meeting but nope it was all of us together as one. It is nice to have the chance to get to know a lot of new missionaries. I am excited for our first p day activity today. It will be fun to get out and have a little down time. 

As far as the investigators in the area go:
We have the D family. The husband is from Vietnam and the wife is from the Philippines. They have 5 kids (4 girls 1 boy, 3 baptism age). They are very interested in teaching their children about Christ and helping them grow up to have good strong values. We taught them this week. The mom was there but was in and out chasing the little 2 year old around. The oldest daughter (15) and husband were't there either. The 11 year old daughter was very interested and begged her mom that we could come everyday. It was cute. We plan to visit them on Tuesday. We explained to the wife that we would like to teach them as a family and she agreed that that would be a good idea for next time. I see great potential and I am excited to meet with them again this week. 

A is 35 and wheelchair bound. He is currently unemployed and going through a lot of self esteem issues. He opened up to us a lot when we met with him this week. He told us that he has habits that he wants to quit and he wants to start coming to church. I think that the gospel is exactly what Aaron needs and I am hoping he is ready to make the changes necessary for baptism. 

Finally, we have A. I haven't met her yet. She is a teacher and referral from a member. She is progressing well but doesn't want to get baptized until the summer when school is over and things aren't so hectic. We are hoping to help her see the importance of being baptized when you are ready and confident she will make time when she gains that assurance for herself. 

Overall, it's been a good week. I am as happy as I can be and trying my best to stay positive. I know that nothing lasts forever and I just have to fight through and give this transfer my all. 

Oh and Spencer got his mission call and I could not be more thrilled! Warsaw, Poland! September 4th, 2013! I never would have guessed but the Lord needs him there and he is going to rock it! I am so proud of him!!

Thank you for all the prayers on my behalf. I appreciate them more than you know! 

Have a wonderful week! Trust in the Lord. 

Sister Kimball

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