Wednesday, December 18, 2013

11 Month Mark

Aloha Friends and Family!

It is hard to believe that I have been a missionary for 11 months. I am just a few weeks away from my year mark and that is just crazy to me. I feel like it was just yesterday that Emily was dropping me off at the mtc. Each time another month passes I think back on all the experinces I have had. I remember so vividly feeling for the first 6 months that my mission was never going to end. At certain points it felt as if time were at a stand still. I struggled with so many different things but there was miracles hidden in everything. I see the Lords hand in my progression and journey. It was when I was companions with Sister Thompson that I learned that trials are a blessing. They push us and force us to grow. They lead us towards our potential. They make us more like the Savior. They cause us to lean on the Lord. They shape us into who we will become. I know that I went through each step and milestone to get where I am today. A missionary that is dedicated to the Lords errand to bring other unto Christ. There is true evolution and spiritual growth that occurs. My testimony of this gospel is firm. There are still things I need to change and perfect. I am far from being my best. But I am a few steps closer. And I have learned that it is through the Savior and His Atonement that I can reach that full potential someday.

This past week was rough. C was grounded. S is dealing with a lot of family issues. Bottom line "stuff" is getting in the way. I had the opportunity to go on a couple of exchanges this week. It was interesting to see the frustration and struggle of many sisters over the decisions that their investigators were making. There are so many distractions so much bad. I had this distinct feeling that Satan has his grasp on a lot of people right now. There are many that are falling into his traps and getting caught in his web of deceit. I was angry. I was sad. I didn't know what to do. How to help. What to say. I felt helpless. I felt like nothing I could say would make a difference. I was really upset and frustrated for many reasons. The mission choir performed at an interfaith concert last night. As we sang the final words of the last verse of the last song we were performing "And now He comes on earth to reign.." I was overcome with the spirit. I was standing in front of a room full of people bearing my testimony through song that Christ lives. It was in that moment that all that anger melted away. Although, I wish Satans influence wasn't around I know that the power of the Atonement is stronger. I know that Christs love is stronger than Satans hate. I know that if I simply testify of Christ and help others come unto Him. I have the right answer. He is the center of the gospel for a reason. Because He is the answer to everything. I want to testify that I know that Christ lives and that He loves us. Heavenly Father has a plan not only for the world but for each of us individually. I was grateful that my heart was able to be softened and my spirit lifted. It truly was an answer to my prayers. Stop focusing on Satan and start focusing on the Savior.

This is a great season. There is so much good to be done. Many opportunities to serve. The best gift that we can give is the gift of our testimonies. We have invited each of our ward members to write their testimonies in the front of a Book of Mormon and pray to heavenly Father and ask who they should give it to. I would encourage each of you to do the same. I know the gospel is what will bring the most joy in this Christmas season and in every season. I would also ask that when you give the gift you let them know how special it is to you and that you felt inspired to give it to them through the promptings on the Holy Ghost. I promise you that if you take this invitation seriously you will see miracles.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


S. Kimball :)

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