Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Transfer #9

Greetings to all from Ranch Santa Margarita!

So as most of you know transfers were this past week. A lot changed for me and there were quite a few mission changes as well. For startes my last zone Laguna Niguel was split into the Laguna Beach and Aliso Viejo zones each being lead by solo zone leaders (meaning that their companions are not zone leaders). A Spanish zone was finally created with a solo zone leader appointed as well. All of the STL's are solo now except for me and my companion (thank goodness). There were something like 14 new elders that came in and 1 hermana. I think that is all the crazy news mission wide.

As for me and my new area and companion. I am in the Rancho Santa Margarita zone now covering two wards, Aliso Creek and Foothill Ranch. It is crazy and there is so much to learn and so many people to meet but it is awesome. I love my companion Sister B. She is my age and an STL as well. She is from North Carolina and came out just a transfer behind me. She is seriously the sweetest. I am so blessed to be with her. I am excited for the new challenge of being over two wards. We share both the wards with elders. One set rocks and the other is alright. They make everything a compition and the ward is naturally elder lovers so there is going to be a bit of a struggle there but we have a game plan to fix all that. Overall things are good. There are quite a few familiar faces around which is nice.
We have been talking with a lot of our ward members this week about their potential to be missionaries and help in the work of salvation especially at this time as the Lord is hastening His work. We can either be a part of it and receive the blessings that come from sharing the gospel or not. The choice is ours. We have been sharing the President Hinckley quote from the last part of chapter 1 in PMG. I love his use of the word earnestly. We must have real intent and "earn" the Lords help. We can't do everything on our own and there is a pattern and proccess that we must follow. It is explained beautifully in 2 Nephi 28:30. The Lord gives us more and more pieces to the puzzle as we turn to Him and trust in Him. It is the same with sharing the gospel. There are steps we can take to help prepare friends and neighbors to hear the gospel. It all starts with praying for meaningful gospel discussions each day. That has been our invitation. The ward members so far have all been super pumped. The key will be following up with them. I can't wait to hear about all of their successes! I would encourage all of you to take the same challenge!

There is still a lot to learn in my new areas but I am excited. I know there are people here that I can influence for good.

B and K are doing baptisms at the temple this Wednesday and I am hoping to get permission to go with them. I am so proud of all the steps forward they are taking as a family. K will be speaking at Stake conference and B spoke in sacrament meeting last week. I haven't had the opportunity to meet any of our investigators here yet unfortunately but I will let you know when I do!

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

:) S Kimball

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