Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 18, 2013

Hi All,
This week was rough! I had no idea that ear infections could be so dang painful, not to mention physically drain you out. What started off as a little ear ache turned into intense pain that I never wish any of you have to expereince. So unfortunately, missionary work was a little lacking this week but we still had some amazing expereinces.
Tuesday I slept all day. And when I say all day I mean ALL day. I had no idea someone could sleep that much. Obviously, I needed it. I finally realized that I needed to get help and called Sister B. She told us to visit the St. Josephs Urgent Care. It was already 7pm by the time we were off the phone with her. The doctor was all the way in Orange which is about a 40 minute drive and it was dark. I was in no condition to drive. Sister N and I both decided that it was probably best to wait until morning which we did. Wednesday morning we got up and went first thing. We got lost getting there but eventually made our way. After waiting forever like you always do at the doctors office I was examined. The doctor told me that my ear was super swollen inside but my inner ear was okay, thank goodness. He asked if it was tender. Um tender is an understatement if I've ever heard one. It felt like there was 20 cotton balls stuck in my ear and someone had a little hammer and was pounding it. No fun. But I responded that it was very painful and he perscribed me antibiotics. I was low on patience since I didn't feel good and just wanted to pick up my medicine and get home. Sister N called for directions home and we were on our way. Little did we know we would be touring Southern California for the next hour and a half. The sister that gave us directions mixed up her easts and wests and we ended us passing through San Bernardino. We found an exit for a street that we knew and took it which lead us to Chino/Chino Hills. At this point I was frustrated and just wanted to end this aimless driving, so we stopped at a Stater Bros and asked for directions. The damage wasn't as bad as it could have been, thank goodness. We were about 30 minutes away from home. We were given GOOD directions and finally made it home. At the time not funny. Looking back it is one of those mission experiences I can laugh about now. I think in that whole process we visited (by accident) like 3 other missions. It was quite the unplanned adventure. The next day on Thursday the Elders in my district came and gave me a blessing. I had never met 2 of them since transfers. It was kind of unfortunate circumstances that brought us together but I was so greatful for their willingness to come and administer to me. I am glad that I have worthy prieshood holders so close by to help me in time of need. The Elder that gave the blessing said some things that I needed to hear and I felt so blessed. Heavenly Father was truly working through him. After the blessing we went out and did some work. We were able to work some on Wednesday as well. We met with a lot of less actives which was really nice. We have a lot of elderly people in our ward that can't make it church for various health reasons and we were able to visit with many of them. They all have such incredible personalities and have led such impressive lives. I love learning from them. It was nice to get work done but be in a comfortable environment where I could still continue to get better. We had dinner with the R family and taught them about the importance of family. I love them so much. Especially A their youngest. The food was delicious authentic mexican once again and their company was even better. By Saturday I was doing well. We dropped by L's to see if we could teach her but she had company. We invited her to church and she said she would be there. And she came! L is amazing. We have not done things in the normal order with her but that has not seemed to matter. She is so ready to hear the truth and accept Christ and follow Him. We were able to take her to a baptism to help her experience the Spirit and understand what a baptismal service is like. She liked it a lot and expressed that she wants to be baptized. We plan on preparing her to be baptized on April 7. We are excited to teach her. The ward members have been wonderful at fellowshipping her and giving her rides wherever she needs to go since she does not feel comfortable driving in California. She has been impressed by all the love she has been shown. She is elect and I love her dearly already. Even though we have not formally taught her yet she has shown us so much righteous desire. How incredible that someone can want to be baptized after just being to church a few times. We have a lot of holes to fill in but she is ready. She is a miracle. Everything that has happened with her has been a witness that this is the Lords work.
The week started off pretty rocky but ended so well. I am so grateful to be back in good health and start a new week off strong. We are meeting with Lynda tonight with the ward mission leader and his wife. It should be great. I am so thankful for the Lords help in all things. He is preparing people all over the world to be taught the gospel we just have to find them.
I hope you are all doing well. I send all my love from La Habra. And don't forget to remember Christ in this easter season. Preapre for conference by thinking of specific questions you need answers to. I know God will answer them as you pray and listen to the words of the prophets and others. The church is true. I know it and I love it. Everyone can know it for themselves too if they ask. How simple! What a blessing that we don't have to rely on anyone else we can know for ourselves. Heavenly Fathers plan is perfect.
I love you all.
Sister Kimball

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