Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First week in the field

Hello All,

Wow this week has been hard to say the least. I finally made it to California last Tuesday. It was so weird leaving the mtc. I was in denial the whole way to the airport and even through security and onto the plane. I was simply going through the actions with little thought. I think it was better that way. I was greeted by President Bowen, the AP's and a few other Elders. I was assigned my companion and area later on that day.

I am serving in the La Habra area and my trainer is Sister N from the Philipines. This is her first time training and she is a little unsure of herself and nervous but she is very nice and patient with me. I have been homesick and having trouble adjusting to things. She says that she had the same struggle when she was new and understood what I was going through. It is nice to know that I am not the only one. I live in a small one room apartment with a kitchenette. It isn't anything special and I am told it is the worst apartment out of all the missionaries but it's all we need. We have a car and I am the driver. It is such a blessing to be in a car area. The weather has been colder than I was hoping in the low 50's but that is better than Provo so I try not to complain.

My ward is awesome. The people are so warm and inviting. They are full of encouragement. We have dinner appointements each night with ward members and it is my favorite part of the day. I know it is a time I will be around people that love me and share my beliefs. I can share my testimony openly and feel of the Spirit in their homes. It is a blessing to have such a supportive ward.

It was my birthday yesterday and honestly I tried not to think about it too much because it made me homesick. It was a good day. Church is nice because it is 3 hours of safe spiritual enlightenment. Our last stop of the night was to the ward mission leaders house. I thought we were going to talk over plans for the week but little did I know my district was all there for a surprise cake party. It was nice to see how much I am cared about. Although, I am still the new girl i am becoming more comfortable with my district and zone. The other missionaries in my district are ASL and are learning sign language. One of the elders is actually deaf. It is a neat experience to spend time with them and see how they do missionary work a little differently.

I have not tracted yet and that is what freaks me out the most. I am ready to overcome that fear and just learn to talk to everyone. I forget sometimes that the message that I have to share is lifechanging and something I would want to know if I didn't have the gospel. I pray for the courage each day and Heavenly Fatehr is helping me. It is interesting to see that I don't have any problems teaching a lesson. I am confident and know how to connect with people. There is no difference when you are tracting other than the fact that they aren't planning on you. I am still getting used to the fact that it is my job to be bold and talk to everyone and be a representative of Jesus Christ at all times. It is the struggle that I am working on the most.

It has been hard for us to meet with our investigators. We have stopped by many of their houses many times and they are not home. I have however met and taught a few lessons. I met with B  who is about 30 years old. She is married and has 2 daughters. Her husband was meeting with the missionaries in Long Beach and they had been to church a few times but then they moved to La Habra and lost contact with the missionaries. Now she is the main one getting the lessons and we are hopeful that she will progress. We taught her the plan of salvation on Friday and she loved the idea of eternal families like most people do. We are hoping she will pray and receive an answer. If not we will pray with her during our next lesson.

We also met with a former investigator J. He was too busy to meet with the missionaries but says he has time now. No one was home when we were there so we taught him a short lesson on his pourch about turing to the Lord in our trials and set up another time to meet with him. He is a nice man and I can tell he wants to learn more. I am excited to meet with him.

When I am with investigators and less actives I forget about my worries and focus on them and the gospel. It is when I am the happiest. I am hoping as I get more used to missionary life I won't struggle with being homesick anymore. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers. I have turned to Him a lot this past week and He has been there to comfort me. I know that as I am obedient and do everything I can to be the best representative of Jesus Christ I can be I will be blessed with the things that I need at this time. I know this is true for everyone. I encourage all of you to pray for missionary opportunities and take them when they come. I know you will be blessed. It isn't easy. I know that. But it is worth it.

The gospel changes lives. I am being more and more converted everyday.
I appreciate everyones prayers. I pray for you all and think of you often. Probably more than I should. lol But that is okay.

I love you and God loves you. Never fotget that. Have a good week!

Much Love,

Sister Kimball

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