Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 1 - January 22, 2013

Hello All,

I can't believe I made it to my first P-Day. I'm not going to lie I've been looking forward to it. We had the chance to go to the temple this morning which was incredible. It is nice to have the chance to wear sweats and have some me time. The mtc has been an interesting experience to say the least. You never know what it is really like until you experience it for yourself. It is incredible to feel the love of my leaders, teachers, other missionaries, and most importantly my Heavenly Father every minute of every day. I have had some good days and some bad days. This is definitely an emotional roller coaster. That said I have already had countless opportunities to go out of my comfort zone and do things I would never really do. As a missionary you are constantly busy studying, in class, eating, or practicing on fake investigators. It has been hard to teach and I still feel like I have so much to learn. I have struggled to feel adequate but have constantly been reminded that through God all things are possible. I know that through my obedience and faith I can succeed.

A little bit about my district...they are incredible. My companion Sister Sowards is from San Antonio, Texas. She is 20 and a BYU student. We get along well most of the time. We both had a similar experience in deciding to go on a mission which has made opening up to her so much easier. She is going to Anaheim as well. The other sisters in our district are a threesome, Sister Folsom a 19 year old nursing student at the UofU from Salt Lake, Sister Wasdon from Rexburg, and Sister Mickelson that goes to BYUI as well. They are going to Long Beach along with Elder Mann from Houston and Elder Miller from Mississippi who are both powerhouse converts with incredible conversion stories. Elder George and Elder Jensen are going to Long Beach as well both born and raised Utah boys. And finally Elder Morin from Montana and Elder Noall from Utah are going to Anaheim as well. I knew Elder Morins brother from BYUI. I had a crush on him back in the day. Elder Morin says he's still not married and he thinks I should write him. :) We are all so different and have different strengths that we bring to the district. I know that Heavenly Fatehr put me with them for a reason. Elder Miller who's 24 and I can been coined "grandma and grandpa' of the district. We have fun together but more importantly we help each other become more confident and effective missionaries.

My time is running short and I feel like I have so much more to say. Once I am in the mission field I will have more time.The most important thing I have learned is that I need to forget myself. Everything I do is for my investigator. It is incredible to focus all your time on others. It was a hard transition but I am loving it. My Branch presidency is incredible. They are kind but bold. We are taught regularly to be exactly obedient and I am striving to do that. We are taught that we must fully convert ourselves before we can convert others. I have been working diligently and striving to gain a deeper testimony, in turn becoming a better example. You can only teach that which you know.

Thank you for all of your prayers. The church is true. Pray to Heavenly Father, He's there! Keep the dearelders coming. They are one of the things that help me get through the tough times. Oh and I am still on the 3 week track. I am planned to leave 2 weeks from today on February 5. Thank goodness for that. I need all the practice I can get. I will write more specifics to individuals!!

I love you all so much!!

Sister Kimball

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