Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Work of Salvation

Hm. Where do I start? So much to fill you all in on this week. This week was good. There has been a headcold circulating through our zone thanks to our zone leader Elder S and unfortunately Sister T caught it and then later in the week I did. But we were able to fight through it pretty well. We saw so many miracles as we decided to go to work and trust that the Lord would help us not only feel better but guide us to success. Sister T and I are very alike. Many times that means that there are problems and people butt heads but we get along so well. Instead of our similarities being a problem they help us relate to each other and help be a strength to each other during times of struggle. It has been such a blessing to work with her and I continue to be grateful for the opportunity I have to train her. Most of the time I feel like she is training me. The Lord truly is preparing the young missionaries for the responsiblities of being His representatives! 

I hope you all had the opportunity to watch the "Work of Salvation" broadcast yesterday and if you weren't able to I would strongly encourage you to go watch it on lds.org. It was so inspiring and had me in tears practically the whole time. From a missionary viewpoint it was fun to see the process that we all take and I was reminded of my own journey thus far. Seeing all the missionaries from the mtc in the Mariott center was overwhelming. I couldn't help but feel happy knowning that I am part of the mission army right now. Fighting to save souls and bring others unto Christ through the gospel. However, the apostles made is so clear that the army needs to be much bigger than just the full time missionaries. I know I have said it before but I will say it again...members CAN have more of an impact on missionary work than they will ever know. But for whatever reason many people are slow to step up and act. My invitation to all of you is to heed the council of the brethren and act. Do something. Pray for missionary opportunities. Pray to know who you can prepare to meet with the missionaries. Love people. Come to a better understanding of your responsibility and allow it to uplift and empower you. Not scare you or stress you out. I can promise you that if you will do so Heavenly Father will provide you with opportunities. My mom always taught me "Don't pray for missionary opportunities to come if you don't plan on acting on them...because I can promise you they come." That is so true. My companion and I were asked to speak with our high councilmen yesterday in sacrament meeting on President Eyrings conference address entitled "Come Unto Me". As I had the privilege to prepare for that (20 minute) talk I came to realize that when we are truly coming unto Christ we are serving others. We have something that most of the world doesn't. People recognize that we are different but we seldom let them in on what that difference is. Why? I think the reasons are different for all of us. I encourage you to figure out what is stopping you and pray for the help needed to change. You all have more potential and power to change others lives than you will ever know!

As for investigators:
This week we met with a woman named S who is a big family history buff. She was first introduced to the church when she went to the Newport Beach family history center to work on the database there. She was befriended by a member that worked there and met with missionaries previously. She expressed to us that she has already been baptized twice before and doesn't see the need to be baptized again. We asked if she would allow us to teach her the lessons and she agreed. We are excited to study up on her concern and teach her about the priesthood and the importance of proper authority. She is wonderful and has a good grasp on the basics of the gospel already. She told us that she knew that Heaveny Father has a plan for each of us and maybe it was time for her to become "mormon". We are excited to teach her more and provide an atmosphere where the Spirit can witness the truth of the restored gospel to her! 
Our long time investigator A dropped us this week. We have really been pushing the importance of keeping commitments and getting baptized. We wanted him to understand that in order to receive all the blessings that Heavenly Father has in store for us we have to act. He just isn't ready to change. He was always ready with an excuse. It was frustrating but I understand that everyone has their agency. I pray that he will someday be ready to enjoy all the blessings the gospel brings. I know Heavenly Father is aware of him. 
We extended a baptismal date to the two D girls that are baptism age. Neither of their parents were available to speak with so we told them to ask their parents for permission and that we would talk to them about it at our next visit. We originally were not going to move forward with the girls being baptized until the parents were more involved but felt impressed that their example might be the key. They are so excited to be baptized and more than anything receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. They are incredible and have grown so much. A the 7 year old is so upset that she has to wait a year. She said she wants to go to the Celestial kingdom too. We assured her that she could be baptized when she was eight. Our ward mission leader and/or Bishop are going to meet with the parents to go over the support they will need to be and the commitment of making sure their girls are are church and activities. I am hopeful that things will work out. I think the mom is close and as she sees the excitement in her young daughters it might soften her heart to the gospel. 

We have also been working with a number of less actives and finding success there. It is nice when people express an interest in coming back to church and just need a push. We are trying to get the ward members more involved and praying about specific members that can help fellowship the different families. We are excited to see families come back to the ward family and feel the Spirit of coming the church again.
Overall it was a great week! We worked hard and had fun doing it!
I hope this letter finds you all happy and doing well! It is weird to be a missionary in the summer. Everyone is relaxed and excited for some time off but we are just in the same hustle and bustle as always! The work never ceases. :)
Weird to think this is my last week in the Anaheim mission. I'll be excited to fill you in on all the newness as it comes! Exciting times.
I love you all!
Sister Kimball 

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