Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May 28, 2013

Hi All!

Last week was definitely a roller coaster week. It started off pretty poorly. I was in bed sick all of Tuesday with what turns out to have probably been my first migraine. As wonderful as all the experiences I am having are it is also super stressful. Needless to say we weren't able to get a lot of work done. My eyes were effected by the migraine the following day and the nurse for the mission Sister W didn't want me driving so that limited work on Wednesday. I was just feeling down because I didn't feel well and work wasn't progressing because of me. I went to the eye doctor to make sure everything was okay and thankfully my eyes are healthy. The optometrist was the one that suggested I experienced my first migraine and told me to visit my family doctor if headaches continue. She kind of freaked me out thinking I could have a tumor or something. Luckily, I am pretty sure I can blame it on the stress of being a missionary and having a million thoughts rushing through my head ALL the time. I am doing much better now, thankfully. All I needed was a little rest. The end of the week was a miracle. Thursday we were able to meet with the D Family and have a wonderful lesson with the girls. Unfortunately their mom had to work and wasn't there to join us. We taught them about the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy. They responded so well and want to come to church so badly. As we follow up with them about the things we have taught them the previous week I am amazed at what they remember. It is so amazing. The Spirit can work in children so incredibly. 

We had a missionary meeting that night which was wonderful. Our stake president, mission president, and area seventy spoke. They were all so powerful. It was a meeting for all the bishops and ward mission leaders in the Newport Zone stake. They decided to include the full time missionaries from the area so we were up to speed on what the leaders were being trained on. The meeting was all about motivating the ward members to be part of the ward mission plan. Help members to see being involved in missionary work is a responsibility but going about to help motivate and cause excitement. It was great to be included. I am hopeful that miracles are in store for the Mesa View ward. I know that as a missionary I need to help teach the Doctrine of Christ and build up confidence. 

I spoke in church on Sunday. The bishopric didn't give me a topic so I decided to speak on faith. It has become my favorite principle to study. I love it because without it we literally can't progree very far. It is the fisrt principle of the gospel for a reason and because of that it makes so many things possible. Like, prayer, repentance, baptism, etc. It was the second time ever that I gave a talk without writing the whole thing out. I just used bullet points. As I finished up and sat down I was concerned that I jumped around and didn't connect my points and ideas very well. To my surprise I was showered with many compliments. I guess I did an okay job. President S (my stake president, who's home ward is our ward) came up to me after and shaked my hand and just said "wow" as he shook his head. It was such a blessing to feel the confidence of the ward members in me. 

I sat up on the stand and Sister M stayed down in the congregation. We were kind of depressed because we weren't expecting many if any of our investigators to show up. I saw her leave the chapel for a minute and wondered what se was doing. I figured she saw someone that needed help. To my pleasure after a few minutes she talked though the doors with all three D girls. Their mom dropped them off. Sister M invited her to stay but said she wasn't dressed properly and had things to get done before the holidy. Although, we wished she would have stayed it is a start that she trusts her daughters to come and stay with us. I am prayerful that with some time and the example of her girls she will come to church with them and feel the Spirit. It was definitely a step in the right direction. The girls loved primary and were teaching us about all the wonderful things they learned. That was miracle number one. 

Our second miracle was A. She is our investigator that has been reading the Book of Mormon and wanting to come to church but has had some problems with her mom made it to church this week. We taught her the lesson three - The Gospel of Jesus Christ. She had expressed earlier on in the year that she wanted to wait to be baptized until the summer when school was out and she had more time. Her friend (a ward member) didn't want to pressure her. The sisters promised her that if she made getting baptized a priority and asked Heavenly Father for help He would provide a way. Without any of us knowing she took that to heart and had been thinking about it a lot. During the lesson she stopped us and said that she knows that the church is true and wants to do whatever it takes to become a member. She said she didn't want to waste anymore time and wanted to move forward. She asked us what she needed to do to be baptized. We are teaching her lesson 4- The Commandments and she is being interviewed this week. She is scheduled to be baptized June 1(this Saturday) and we could not be more excited. She has such a beautiful testimony. I could feel the strength of her Spirit from the moment I met her. The Lord is so aware of our area and of our investigators. He is helping the work move forward. It has definitely been a trial of our faith as missionaries but miracles are coming forth. It was a true testimony of patience. We have had so much disappointment this transfer of our investigators not showing up to church after a powerful lesson during the week. And this past Sunday proved that it is all in the Lords time. He see's the bigger picture.

Crazy to think there are only five more days in the transfer. President told Sister M that she will be transferred into the Samoan program. But as for me it's all up in the air. I have a pretty strong feeling I will be staying here, therefore, being transferred to the new mission. My zone leaders told me they think I should be training so we'll see what happens there. It will all work out. Change is in the air. I'm not looking forward to it but I know I can handle it! :) 

The gospel is true! I know it. I love it. I live it. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week! 


Sister Kimball

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